The Australian Government has commissioned a White Paper to boost agriculture’s productivity and profitability. A taskforce has been established to prepare the White Paper and conduct the consultation.

The White Paper will drive the long-term agricultural policies of the government and ensure Australia’s agriculture sector remains a significant contributor to the economy and local communities.  

The White Paper will identify pathways and approaches for growing farm profitability and boosting agriculture’s contribution to economic growth, trade, innovation and productivity.


20 October 2014

The Australian Government has released the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper today and is asking everyone in agriculture to have their say on a range of new proposals and policy suggestions. Submissions close 12 December 2014.

20 October 2014

There are a range of new ideas about deregulation and decreasing the regulatory burden on farmers in the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper, and the Australian Government is asking for your feedback on options put forward.

Green Paper

The Green Paper is now available.


Review the public submissions on the Green Paper.

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